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The Untamed Wangxian T-Shirt

The Untamed Wangxian T-Shirt

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The Untamed Wangxian T-Shirt shows the silhouettes of the two main characters Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian. Wanxian is the song Lan Wangji wrote for Wei Wuxian and hence this shirt is called The Untamed Wangxian T-Shirt

These Characters are based on the Chinese web Novel Mo Dao Zu Shi. There is now an official translation available on amazon (this is an affiliate link)

About our Shirts:

  • our solid-colored shirts are 100% cotton. Whereas the grey and heathered ones are a 52% Cotton/42%Poly blend
  • our shirts are high-quality
  • the side seams on our shirts make for a better fit. This helps prevent the shirt from losing its shape
  • the fitted v-neck is true to size, and none of this junior size mumbo jumbo
  • we make the shirt to order
  • wash cold, and tumble dry on low

**This is not an officially licensed product. This is a fan-made/themed item, after our favorite shows, characters, movies, and books. No copyrights are implied.**

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